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Immersion Learning

We combine global citizenship acuity, self-discovery, and spiritual exploration with international immersion learning experiences to help individuals discover their truest selves in the context of global community. Together, odyssey travelers explore what it takes to be socially-conscious, spiritually-grounded, global citizens who are confident about the social contribution they are making in the world. Through Tumbuh Global’s cultural and contextual trainings, interactive learning elements, and immersion learning experiences, odyssey travelers discover how to be themselves for the sake of the world. 

Guided global odysseys are intentionally international. We choose to use our passports to cross human-made barriers to listen and learn from our global neighbors. We cross these divides at the invitation of local communities and with acknowledgment of our profound privilege in being able to move so freely. We acknowledge not everyone can get a passport. But, for those of us who can, we have a responsibility to hear the global story and discover how it informs our personal stories. We know the world has much to teach us and so we open ourselves to these stories and experiences.

Guided global odysseys focus on being over doing. We focus on the lived experience of others as a core contribution to our own self-discovery and, in turn, our collective liberation. We teach and employ active listening skills, practice a deep appreciation for the natural and spiritual world, are led by local indigenous communities in our interpretation and exploration of our surroundings, and seek to learn from the cultural and religious expressions of our context. We focus on the work each of us needs to do to discover our truest selves so that what we offer back to the world is a grounded, authentic global response. 

Through a unique partnership with Carbon Footprint, Ltd., Tumbuh Global also offsets the carbon footprint of every odyssey traveler by supporting renewable energy projects globally. 

2024 Guided Global Odysseys

We are delighted to announce three public odyssey opportunities for 2024. Participation in these odysseys is by application only. Learn more and/or apply by clicking on the odyssey you are most interested. The prices listed include all expenses upon arrival except food and drink. 

Boat Market

Global Advocacy Odyssey

Bangkok, Thailand


$1990 USD

Early Bird Price

Predator's Love


Conservation Odyssey

Nairobi, Kenya


*For Families


Multi-Faith Immersion Odyssey

Kathmandu, Nepal


*For Clergy

Interested in a private odyssey?

We are pleased to work with schools, churches, seminaries, and nonprofits to design unique guided global odyssey experiences using our global network of resources and travel guides. If you are looking for a culturally-sensitive, locally-led, international immersion learning experience, book a free consultation with us today.


Amanda Klinck

From preparation to coming back home, the experience was phenomenal. The online tools available to prepare allowed for open communication between the organizers and fellow travelers. Once in country, the partnerships and itinerary flowed well and I was able to experience a once in a lifetime journey. Not only did we visit Nepal, we were able to connect with local friends on personal levels, adding to the overall journey. Tumbuh cares about their mission and delivering quality substance and an intimate travel experience. I highly recommend anyone take an odyssey with Tumbuh.


Missy Ward Angalla

I was able to participate in Tumbuh Global's odyssey to Siem Reap, Cambodia. I was SO glad that I did! It was an amazing experience. Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock was a wonderful guide and facilitator and did a phenomenal job in giving our group opportunities to connect, learn and grow! 
I can't recommend Tumbuh Global more highly to anyone who is looking for an immersive learning travel experience!


Rick Kraus

As a senior, non-Spanish speaking, first time visitor to South America, I took a leap of faith in joining Tumbuh Global and about 20 other travelers on their odyssey to the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. It. Was. Amazing! Tumbuh Global arranged for us to get nose to nose with the incomparable creatures, the amazing locations, and the wonderful people of the Galápagos. But, more that that, Tumbuh Gl attended to the mind, body, and spirit of each and every one of the travelers in their charge...  I would trust them to take me anywhere in the world!

Past Odyssey Experiences

Since our founding in January of 2018, guided global odysseys have been a core educational component of our mission. In conversation with indigenous partners on the ground, immersion learning experiences are planned at the invitation of local communities so as to have minimal disruptive effect while offering maximum educational impact for odyssey participants. The locations, dates, times of year, activities, and programming are chosen based on the expertise of those who call these locations home. Whenever possible, Tumbuh Global staff defer to local leadership for best practices and religious and cultural sensitivities.

Women in Sarong

Women's Research Odyssey

Bali, Indonesia

October 2023

Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri

Multi-Faith Odyssey

Kathmandu, Nepal

October 2019

Image by Paul Szewczyk

Clergy Study Abroad Odyssey

Siem Reap, Cambodia

February 2023

Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri

Multi-Faith Odyssey

Kathmandu, Nepal

November 2018

Rocky Island

Eco-Spirituality Odyssey

Galapágos Islands, Ecuador

January 2020

Image by Adli Wahid

Humanitarian Odyssey

Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

July 2018

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