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We are intentional about being in relationship with key partners around the world who enhance our mission by living into their own mission and vision.

We choose our partners based on the significant impact for good they are making in the world.  These partners come from various backgrounds and fields of interest. Each one helps us do our work in the world by living into their own mission and vision in holistic and creative ways.

Through a unique partnership with Carbon Footprint, Ltd., Tumbuh Global offsets the carbon footprint of every odyssey traveler by supporting renewable energy projects globally. 

Sankofa CPE Center-LLC.png
Faith Matters Network
Alabama Interfaither Power & Light
TRACC for Movements
Untitled design.png
National Council of Churches in Bangladesh
Transitional Ministry Pathways
Phare, The Cambodian Circus
Tehom Center
The Revolutionary Love Project
Transmission Ministry Collective
Amani Sasa
EcoKnights Malaysia
Chaplaincy Institute of Maine
Association of Leaders in Lifelong Learning for Ministry
PJC Logo.jpg
Prosper & Partners
Carbon Footprint UK
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