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Online Learning

The School of Global Citizenry, a program of Tumbuh Global, is an independent, CEU certified, global citizenship education (GCED) online school of continuing education for adult learners from religious, social, and civic backgrounds and a training center for new and emerging online educators. Our mission is to grow vital global competencies through high quality educational opportunities in an intentionally international and socially responsible online academic ecosystem. Our global trainings, courses, and virtual retreats are ideal for graduate students, laity, nonprofit leaders, seminarians, and social and civic leaders seeking certified continuing education units (CEUs) or a relevant professional development certification. Others who benefit from our educational offerings include: chaplains, nurses, therapists, coaches, consultants, small group leaders, directors, parents, activists, and educators.


We offer only CEU approved courses and certificates that meet The Diamond Standard™ for CEU Certification for adult learners. All trainings and courses (some retreats) are also adaptable for academic elective course credit. The Diamond Standard™ is a research based accrediting standard for adult continuing education that ensures that our global learners are receiving quality education and training in a professional learning environment under the facilitation and leadership of proficient instructors and administrators. This standard weaves the core concepts of global citizenship education (GCED) together with the existing CEU standards of prominent institutional bodies for a robust learning experience specifically for postsecondary adult learners (PACE) from religious, social, and civic backgrounds.

Our Services

We offer a plethora of educational services to help you maximize your online educational presence and create impactful, interactive adult learning experiences.

Our Trainings

We offer a growing number of educational training courses and individual or group coaching to help you build your online educational skillset and begin offering transformative adult learning experiences.

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