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With nearly 30 years of combined experience leading international travel immersions and educational retreats, Tumbuh Global is an industry leader in contextual learning. All guided global odysseys are locally-guided, sustainably sourced, and include a per traveler carbon offset. These experiences are tailored to suit the needs of the educational host but always with the cultural needs and expectations of the global host at the forefront. Participants explore what it takes to be socially-conscious, spiritually-grounded, global citizens who are confident about the social contribution they are making in the world.

Services include:

  • Private Immersion Experience Planning, Coordination,
    & On-Site Facilitation

  • Public Group Immersion Experiences

  • Global Citizenship Education, Cultural Acuity, & Immersion Learning Training

The School of Global Citizenry, a program of Tumbuh Global, is an independent, CEU certified, global citizenship education (GCED) online school of continuing education for adult learners from religious, social, and civic backgrounds as well as a training center for new and emerging online educators. 

Services include:

  • Instructional Design Coaching

  • Course Development Assistance

  • CEU Training & Certification

  • Online Teaching Training & Certification

  • Course Hosting

  • Entrepreneurship Training, Certification, & Coaching

With a combined 22 years of global communications experience, Tumbuh Global offers a growing plethora of digital media services for individuals, nonprofits, schools, and companies looking to enhance their educational offerings and better connect with their target audience and the world.


Services include:

  • Videography

  • Video Editting

  • Illustration

  • Motion Media Design

  • Animation

  • AI Training & Integration

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