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Our Greek Odyssey: Tumbuh Global's Commitment to Sustainable Partnership

At Tumbuh Global, we're committed to fostering cross-cultural enrichment through immersive learning experiences. Our mission includes ensuring that the individuals and communities who contribute to the educational experiences of outsiders are consulted, engaged, and fairly compensated for their expertise. In the spirit of collaboration, we're excited to announce our upcoming venture to Greece, where we will spend the next three months exploring potential partnerships and pave the way for future Guided Global Odysseys™.

Why Greece? Beyond its stunning landscapes and rich history, Greece offers invaluable lessons in sustainable tourism, historical contextual learning, and global citizenship. By immersing ourselves in this culturally significant region, we aim to learn from local wisdom and work together with those who call this land home. 

Our commitment to global partnership is evident in our approach. Each Guided Global Odyssey™ is locally sourced and led, ensuring a deep connection to the community and fostering long-term relationships. We also prioritize minimizing our ecological footprint, planning our travels with sustainability in mind. 

Central to our ethos is our Global Teacher™ immersive travel curriculum. This innovative method combines immersion learning with the principles of global citizenship education and spiritual direction. Designed to cater to adult learners within a global community context, the Global Teacher™ Method offers a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional travel tours.

We invite you to join us on our Greek odyssey through our social media channels on Facebook and Instagram. Follow along as we explore, learn, and forge meaningful connections with the people and culture of Greece. And who knows? You might just find yourself joining us on a future odyssey to this captivating land.

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