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Our European Relocation

Many of you are aware that two years ago we landed in America a bit unexpectedly. When the Delta variant hit India, it also hit our beloved Nepal (thanks to a very porous border). In one month’s time we went from being in the country with the slowest transmission rates for COVID-19 in all of Southeast Asia, to being in the country with the fastest transmission rates. In response, the US Embassy in Nepal evacuated its workers and closed. With no embassy to advocate for its people, the US government arranged for two evacuation flights out. We worked the phones for days before we were able to confirm that we actually had seats on the second flight. An alarming lack of food, drinking water, and a strict lockdown showed us that to be good global citizens during this difficult time, we needed to return to our country of origin. After nearly four years abroad with over a year of that navigating a pandemic in the region in which it began, returning to America was not our desired outcome. But we knew we had a responsibility both to ourselves and to our global neighbors to be vaccinated — something only available, at that time, in one’s country of origin.

For the last two years, we have enjoyed calling the United States home again. So many of our beloved friends and family are here. We have been able to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and the like due to our close proximity. But we’ve always known our calling is to be out in the world networking, living among, and partnering with our global family. So, we are excited to announce that we are relocating to the southern Balkan region in July! We are as surprised as you at our new destination but are excited about getting to know a new area of the world. Our love for and connection to Southeast Asia remains very much intact. In fact, we will be there in October on odyssey. But our new coastal home, at least for the next calendar year, will be along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas with work taking us to both Asia and Africa. We covet your thoughts, prayers, and good vibes as we once again sell our belongings and hit the open road.

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